George Floyd's Family Betrays Ye, Plans To Sue For $250 Million (10/19/22)

By New Wave Politics

By New Wave Politics



The family of George Floyd plans to file a lawsuit against Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, over his comments about Floyd's death on the podcast Drink Champs. The lawsuit will be filed by Floyd's mother, Roxie Washington, and she plans to sue Ye and his associates for "harassment, misappropriation, defamation and infliction of emotional distress seeking $250 million dollars in damages," according to a statement from her attorneys. A cease-and-desist letter has already been issued to Ye by the family's attorneys.

Some of the family's attorneys have made comments about the situation.

Pat D. Dixon III made comments about the situation saying, "Kanye's comments are a repugnant attempt to discount George Floyd's life and to profit from his inhumane death. We will hold Mr. West accountable for his flagrant remarks against Mr. Floyd's legacy."

"Free Speech Rights do not include harassment, lies, misrepresentation, and the misappropriation of George Floyd's legacy." Said Kay Harper Williams, "Some words have consequences and Mr. West will be made to understand that."


So, what exactly did Ye say that caused all of this? Although said in a casual manner, he didn't really say much that is different than what the defense claimed during Derek Chauvin's trial. Ye claimed George Floyd died due to a fentanyl overdose and that "the guy's knee wasn't even on his neck like that."

Ye mentions that he watched Candace Owens' documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM , implying that's what made him come to these conclusions.


What are the chances that the family wins this lawsuit? It is not completely impossible, but it will definitely be a challenge. Defamation is not possible because with George Floyd being dead, there is no plaintiff whose reputation has been damaged, which Libel and slander require. This means members of the family cannot sue for defamation. The most plausible path for the lawsuit would be to accuse Ye of intentional infliction of emotional distress. This though, would also be hard to claim as it would need to be proven that Ye's statements were intended to cause mental trauma, emotional distress, or bodily harm to Floyd's family through extreme behavior.


Those who are confused as to why I'm calling this lawsuit a betrayal might be forgetting an important detail, which Floyd's family also seems to have forgotten. Back in 2020, not too long after the death of George Floyd, Ye donated $2 million to pay Floyd's daughter's college tuition, funding legal fees for Ahmaud Arbrey and Breonna Taylors families, along with black-owned businesses in Chicago. Floyd and his family were obviously not very wealthy, so this act of generosity was a clearly great deal of help. Now, all this time later the family, with no hesitation, returns to bite for more money as soon as the opportunity presented itself (from the exact guy who had helped him only two years back).

I wanted to point this out because it is just a prime example of what the BLM movement is really all about. Money. Black Lives Matter has used the deaths of many black people such as George Floyd to raise millions and millions of dollars, all to donate them to Democrat politicians and paying for the owners' million dollar mansions. Where else did someone like Patrisse Khan-Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, get the money to afford her $1.4M home which resides in a white LA community? All of this while seemingly not making any progress in helping those who claim they're helping, the African-American community.

This also makes you think why Ye is the one being sued when he's just repeating what he learned through Candace Owens' documentary. Shouldn't this mean Owens is the one whom they should be wanting to sue if they truly care about holding someone accountable for their "false" statements. Well, the answer is very apparent when you take into account who's worth $10 billion and who's worth $1 million. As you probably guessed, Ye is the one worth more (by a lot), so he's the one being targeted because he's the one that they can take more money from. That simple.

10 People Killed In Buffalo, New York Shooting (5/25/22)

By Lobster2u2

By Lobster2u2


Ten people were killed in a mass shooting this Saturday by Payton Gendron. This is believed to be a racially motivated shooting based on what he wrote in his manifesto, “I simply became racist after I learnt the truth” His manifesto was 180 pages long and a part of it was copied from Tarrant's manifesto from 2019. In this manifesto he namedropped which sites he frequently used, what gear he was going to use and where he got the gear from.

What are some of his beliefs?

Is he a conservative?

Quote: “No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

What does he think of homosexuality and other forms of LGBT?

Quote: “If one is actually a part of the LGB or LGB group and they are loyal to their people that is fine with me. Transgenderism however is a mental illness and should be addressed as such.”

Did he identify as right-wing?

Quote: “Depending on the definition, sure.”

Victims of the shooting

Aaron Salter, retired buffalo police lieutenant.

Ruth Whitfield, mother of four and grandmother of eight.

Katherine Massey, former Eerie County legislator.

Roberta Drury, High school student.

Pearly Young, ran a food pantry in buffalo.

Heyward Patterson, working at Tops as a jitney driver.

Celestine Chaney, was at the grocery store buying strawberry shortcake.

OPINION: Sweden and Finland Joining NATO (5/11/22)

By Lobster2u2

By Lobster2u2


After the righteous invasion by Russia to liberate Ukraine, the West is panicking. And now there is talks about Sweden and Finland joining NATO. These people do not even realize that this whole thing started because Ukraine was going to join NATO and you know the rest of the story, Russia invading and everything.

Do I even have to say how this is a major escalation? And as of right now writing this article, it is basically already confirmed that Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO. Folks if this goes through like it’s looking like we’re talking about World War 3 imminent within weeks, maybe.

This is just what you get for having all these women in charge of everything these days, honestly.

Long Island Teacher Who Injected Minor With COVID Vaccine Without Parents' Consent Likely to Take Plea Deal (5/5/22)

By New Wave Politics

By New Wave Politics


54-year-old Laura Parker Russo, a science teacher from Sea Cliff, Long Island with no medical experience who injected her son's 17-year-old friend with the COVID vaccine last New Years Eve has been offered a plea deal. The event took place at her home without permission from the teen's parents and was caught on video. The teen went home after it happened and told his mother that he had been vaccinated. The mother then notified the police.

"The mother had not given permission or authority to have her son injected with the COVID vaccine," said the Nassau County Police department.

Prosecutors say Russo could plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge on June 13, when she returns to court.

Despite not being a licensed medical professional, Russo's defense attorney Michael DerGarabedian argued that she is "always giving medicine" because she has family members that are diabetic.

If she takes the plea deal Russo would be required to serve 50 hours of community service and would have all her charges dismissed if she manages to stay out of any other legal trouble. She would not have a criminal record.

If she turns down the deal and is convicted of the felony, she could face up to four years in prison.

It is still unclear where Russo acquired the vaccine.

Adams Lifts Vaccine Mandate for Professional Athletes (3/25/22)

By New Wave Politics

By New Wave Politics


On Thursday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that the mandate for unvaccinated pro athletes and performers has been lifted. This means unvaccinated pro athletes such as Kyrie Irving, who is one of the most notable pro athletes affected by the mandate, will now be able to play home games for the Brooklyn Nets. Although athletes are now free to play in New York City, the situation for others such as cops, teachers, firefighters, and more has still not changed. In a news conference at Citi Field Mayor Eric Adams spoke about this and said,

"This is about putting New York athletes on a level playing field, we were treating our performers differently because they live and play in New York City."

Despite all of this, Adams continues to promote the vaccine and push people to get vaccinated even while lifting mandates.

"Let's be clear about this," said Adams, "I've said it and I will continue to say it, all of us should be vaccinated, even our players. We will continue to promote vaccinations and booster shots. It's imperative that we do so, that's how we got here, that's why we have an NBA season, because of the vaccination. Over 90% of players did so and I'm hoping that we will reach the 100% numbers in both Major League Baseball and in Basketball and other professional sports. We will continue to push and hope they do the vaccination and booster shots."

Adams even went on to specifically call out Kyrie Irving for not getting vaccinated, saying,

"Kyrie, you should get vaccinated, this does not change my message that everyone should get vaccinated."

Irving has already stated in the past that he will not be getting vaccinated and whatever happens with the NBA is not going to change his decision.

Two weeks ago, NYC lifted the vaccine mandate in restaurants, bars, gyms, and other indoor places, meaning that people are no longer required to show proof of vaccination to enter. Hopefully we see more mandates being lifted in NYC and the rest of New York as other places in the state have followed along with what the city has done regarding COVID-19 mandates and lockdowns in the past.

Opinion: My Full Experience at AFPAC III (3/5/22)

By The Easton Broadcast

By The Easton Broadcast


While it only lasted one night, there was nothing greater than the feeling of gathering with the Groypers at AFPAC III. The third annual event started by the up and coming America First movement led by Nicholas J. Fuentes was a night filled with highs and lows. And for those who sadly couldn’t make it to such an event, I wanted to illustrate my time there to give a part of the experience, and maybe you can join us next time. But to start, I’ll have to give some short context of the weekend and the day before.


I arrived Wednesday, but I was traveling in a group full of Groypers who were arriving Thursday. So it wasn’t worth detailing anything that went on Wednesday. Thursday, I met up at the hotel where CPAC was being held, which sadly I did attend. And the rumors are true on the ratio of hats being seen there. So much focus on stuff that is anti-conservatism. Log Cabin Republicans, Atheists for Liberty, and hosting the pro-censorship social media scam Gettr.

Which people that I met up with later, such as Tik Toker and live streamer AJ Willms and Pure Politics host American Greyson, went and trolled. Which is a whole different story on Greyson because he got later attacked by the Deputy CEO of Gettr.

But is it worth going to CPAC before we get into AFPAC? I’d say in a way, yes, but it depends on who you are. Like I plan on going into political commentating and writing, so keeping up with these types of events is important. But for the average Groyper, going by yourself is kind of useless, so make sure to go with friends to have some fun. But some people are worthwhile seeing there, and it's some you wouldn’t expect.

Like the founder and writer of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor, who I met at CPAC. As he is an expert on race realism, we stood to the side and had a pleasant but short conversation on the modern-day right and how it deals with the issues that are prevalent from diversity as well as the approaching night of AFPAC III.

But once again to re-iterate, CPAC is not worth it really unless you have set out a specific goal, have friends, or are bored.

The Night of AFPAC III:

I arrived for the reception ticket, right at the needed time, and stood in a surprisingly long line for screening for the stationed-up metal detectors for the rooms.

As I was waiting in line with my friends it was interesting getting faces with all of these usernames and anon Gab and discord accounts. As well as meeting some of the guests and speakers as they walked by me inline.

Gavin McInnes rocking a brighter red and black suit, walking with speaker Jesse Lee Peterson.

Or seeing Michelle Malkin and Joe Arpaio walk by, recording us as they chanted “Mommy” towards the mother of the movement. Even waiting in line it was cool to meet other smaller Ecelebs like Tenyro, who recognized me a bit from Politically Provoked.

As I had a bit of a phone charging issue, I eventually got inside even though I almost couldn’t make it. And it was extremely surreal. Seeing all these people, who have worked I’ve all loved and enjoyed was just amazing. Shaking hands with Peter Brimelow, joking around with Kai, chatting with Michael Alberto.

Even meeting the big man himself as with my friends we shook his hand as he went out to rally the people.

I was wearing a pretty out-there suit, a dark but still in a way bright red tweed three-piece suit. I couldn’t have gotten the colors right without the help of T.R. Sartor. Who loved the suit when I met up with him and Dalton Clodfelter, which both of them recognized me from Politically Provoked and Instagram.

Then there were those who I wish I got more time but were still fun to chat with. Like Beardson, who again recognized me from Politically Provoked which is crazy to me to be recognized like that. Along with Wurzleroot, The Modern Monarchist, Harrison Smith, and Woozuh.

As all of that is good, that is the only the first hour of the event and for reception people only, as they let in my friends from general and got to re-mingle with my squad we started to head into the event.

The hall it was being held in was massive. I was a bit in awe at the size and the realization there will be a full 1,200+ people here. Seeing all the waiters and tables lit with candles as the dark red and blue lights shined all over was amazing to see how far and professional it has come.

I didn’t get to sit with my direct friend group, but I got a better spot than them. I not only got closer to the front, but I was at a table with National File writer Patrick Howley. Which, as someone who is a fan of organizations like National File, was a trip and a half.

Although all the visiting with my friends was good, it was finally the main event. The speakers of AFPAC III. I will go through all the speeches, minus Nick’s opening for the event. I’ll try to keep it more concise, but there was a certain speaker elephant in the room which I found in particular very interesting.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green

Now Marjorie, her speech was good overall, all be it basic. Her talk was on her role in congress and how she tackles issues on transsexuals or being the most attacked freshman congress member. Now what is important about this, is that it is the popular MTG appearing here in the first place. All though she may not be completely getting all the stuff of AF or being as effective as Paul Gosar or Wendy Rogers do. But she gives us a massive boost of popularity and relevance.

And this is all over her getting put on last minute. It was originally the Head of ICE under the Trump admin, although I won’t talk about it now that is a massive deal as well.

So, even if basic her speech was still overall good. In the sense of the extremely pro-Christian talk, the Christ is King chants, and her being another sitting member of congress joining us. Just wish it was a bit more relevant like when it came to some certain issues.

Vincent James:

Now Vince is always high energy. A fantastic choice to follow MTG’s more basic speech for someone who truly does get it, along with raising the energy along with the room.

Now his speech when it came to the topic. The main vibe that came from it is the idea that the right should stop being pushed around by the establishment and the left. Even bringing back up the line about Nick talking about White people, and in a way, the greater dissident right “... are done being bullied!”

He hit the key needed topics talking about the vaccine or talking about Covid in general, but more importantly the lies being told to the American people and the attacks on Christianity.

Now the speech was great, certainly, a must-watch if you haven’t already. If you probably had to choose someone with the best speech that wasn’t Fuentes, Vince would be the man to pick. Looking forward to his future career in Idaho politics.

Stew Peters (Now disavowed):

Stew, who I knew little about going in and only watched one episode of his show, is an odd fellow. His speech was a bit funny, but it brought upon a bigger issue

It was a complete fedpost.

He had a massive low impulse moment of scrapping his earlier written speech, going off on how Majore Taylor Green is bad, and calling for the death penalty of very specific people along with a ramble about Vernon Jones.

He was a complete mess. Chain out, no tie, sweaty, and with crazy eyes as he bellowed out against all of Nick’s work.

Now the MTG criticism can be fair, they were. He made good points on “own the libs” conservatism.

But he just decided to sperg out and waste, what was probably a ton of work Nick put in to get another mainstream person to join. He was unkempt, sweaty, and seemed to be possibly tipsy from what I could tell.

And which only got worse for him. According to Nick on telegram, more info was released about his past which a lot of people didn’t know about. Many knew about being a bounty hunter, but not the criminal record or his past as a rapper.

To finish this segment, I’ll leave it with Fuentes’ telegram posts:

“Very disappointing that Stew Peters— a former “rapper” and criminal is trying so hard to sabotage a perfect night by running to Zach Petrizzo at the Daily Beast to attack one of our featured speakers. He was disrespectful to our staff, looked like a slob, and stormed out of the conference after his speech.

And for people who think he’s just “too hardcore” or whatever, he also tried to get me to promise to stop saying the n-word before even agreeing to attend the conference lol. Good riddance loser”

“He told me he thinks the UN is going to invade America and establish communism, he’s not even redpilled on anything. Just another retard boomer.”

  • Nick’s telegram

Wendy Rogers:

Her speech was good, short, and concise. Gave all the right points and talked about how she is pro-Groyper and pro-Nick. And how she will continue to get hate for it, but will not care since as Nick put it recognizing former Rep. Steve King.

“If the world hates you, remember it hated Jesus first”

Also a funny detail, she did in a way more subtle way fedpost. Not on the levels of Peters obviously but she did refer to bringing back gallows for traitors.

Andrew Torba:

Now Torba’s speech was more on the spiritual side, talking about censorship and Christianity. Even leading up to him saying “I hate the Anti-Christ”

His speech was what was needed after Stew’s was still lingering in our minds. While Stew was bombastic and deranged, Torba was cool, calm, and collected. His speech came off as a Christian homily. Like a sermon of what is to come.

Torba put a lot on the line since a lot of Gab users are larping wignats, so to show up and not back down from his faith is something we should all strive to take in

Paul Gosar

Gosar’s speech was the definition of a boomer tech moment. Bad mic quality that the AF team added more decals to keep it interesting, and bad quality camera. Nothing against him, I love Gosar I think he is one of the best people in government. Just saying, if someone could’ve mailed him a blue yeti it would’ve sounded a lot better

It wasn’t a speech on the other hand. It was more of check-in on support and saying a remark or two on America First being the future and the oppression by oligarchs.

Jesse Lee Peterson

Now Jesse is a truly funny guy. Although some may have a bit of a problem with how he talks, he is a good presenter. And he enjoys being his provocative self.

His speech was on him growing up, civil rights and how they were bad for Blacks, and the message of forgiving your parents for fixing your issues.

An interesting topic the forgiveness and learning how to not hate your parents even though they wronged you. I feel it is needed in the modern-day, especially for many of the youth who have parental issues which just drive them into more and more sin.

And if you don’t then, “Satan is your daddy”. This is so true, few will recognize what this truly means.

Janice McGeachin

Now her speaking was a bit of a surprise. And another bit of a boomer tech moment with them having to replay the beginning of her speech. People were laughing and shouting “Yo, boomer tech moment” from the crowd, in good fun of course.

Now her speech, she talked about her plans to run in Idaho and how the future is about the youth and retaking the republican party. Good solid points traditional

Joe Arpaio

Now, this is important that he came here. This is a lot of work going in by Nick and Michelle Malkin. And he makes great points on no borders = no nation. And his anti-immigration work is good.

But this was just slow.

Not only does it feel like an older man rambling about his camps with pink clothing, it felt like he just didn’t really get AF or more likely knew the lore.

Talking about a mixed-race granddaughter, not getting the memes on racism, I don’t blame him because of his age and newness to the movement but someone should’ve given him a rundown on the basics.

But the speech itself, besides slow and a lot more tiring when it's like past 1 is in the morning, was from what I could tell being there was good. He talked about how the federal government is against us protecting our interests, holding leaders like Obama accountable, and protecting our cities ourselves. Good speech, just too low energy and way too late in the night to get pumped for it

Nicholas J. Fuentes

Nick was as usual, fantastic.

The best of the night, although he was too short. Everyone else like Stew or Joe got to ramble on past their limit, just go for it Nick you’re the only one, besides Vince, worth listening to talk for 3+ hours. He also gave the needed recognition for legends like Taylor, Brimelow, and Steve King.

Now Nick’s speech is worth listening to on its own. It's good, funny, and he has great interaction with the audience. He does show promise of being the great next American leader.

I’ll leave it on this from his speech:

“Probably they would be impossible to beat. Except for one simple fact, we have God on our side. They are powerful, the Devil is smart. But God is always greater. As I said earlier we are appealing to real human beings. We are appealing to the souls of a great people. We are talking about, not western, European civilization here in America.

We are appealing to that mysterious X, the human element, the breath of God that makes us human. That’s what we’re in the business of.”

  • Nicholas J. Fuentes


New Speakers Released for AFPAC III, along with more special guests listed (2/18/22)

By The Easton Broadcast

By The Easton Broadcast


It’s only 1 week until AFPAC III and the hype for the latest event from the America First movement is booming. Coming February 25th, the America First group is coming to Orlando to once again rival the Conservative Inc organization CPAC. But some big news has just been released. Nick Fuentes on his show and Telegram, America First on Cozy.TV, just announced that he will be expanding the speaker and guest list for his conference.

While already having a massive roster of 18 special guests, ranging from Michelle Malkin to John Doyle, the list just got another big boost. Now it stands 23 strong. With the new special guests including the following:

  • Dalton Clodfelter, paleoconservative commentator, and former Tik-Toker.

  • Woozuh, IRL livestreamer

  • Harrison Smith, host of The American Journal for InfoWars

  • Steve King, former Representative of Iowa’s 4th district

  • Laura Loomer, anti-muslim activist and former candidate for Florida’s 21st district, now for Florida’s 11th district.

  • Garrett Ziegler, former Trump aide in the Office of Trade and Manufacturing

When it comes to the actual speakers, the list already has smash hits or classics like Vincent James of the Red Elephants or Andrew Torba the CEO of the free-speech website Gab, as well as 5 others. But it has been announced to be expanded to include with them 2 more speakers. Such as Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, and Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona. Which are all very exciting and could help AF increase their reach into the media space by holding something that is rivaling the modern-day CPAC.

But on the topic of the announcement of not only speaker expansion but there are also still the mystery speakers that are long-awaited for. From the hints that we’ve already been given we expect three things:

  1. Both of the mystery speakers have been government officials.

But it was the next 2 hints that were groundbreaking when they came out.

  1. One of the figures is a former Trump Official

  2. The other is an “Old Legend”

Now when people heard this, they went crazy trying to come up with a hypothesis on who they could be. The most prevalent seems to be that the Trump Official could be Stephan Miller, the anti-immigration brain behind Trump. With the old legend being, the beloved grandfather of paleoconservatism, Patrick J. Buchanan.

Both of these people being at AFPAC III would be a complete game-changer to have their official support behind them. Especially with showing other social conservatives or anti-immigration advocates that this is the movement to join.

And all this does is help give our movement of America First even more legitimacy, out of the dissident ghettos but pushing our actual values. So we can get one day closer to truly making America great again and put ourselves first for the first time in a long while.

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PATRIOT FRONT DOXXED, America First Responds (2/2/22)

By The Easton Broadcast

By The Easton Broadcast


The fascistic organization Patriot Front has been dealing with quite a bit of issue with the left due to their members being doxxed on mass. According to the Left Wing website Unicorn Riot, a massive amount of data, 400 gigabytes, from their server has been leaked.

All of these lead to a real question that has arisen from these types of member dissident organizations. Why should we trust an organization that takes this much information about its members and doesn't put it under lock and key?

Now what was inside of the data was their members' information and quite an extreme amount. Including heights, eye colors, real names, and even their license plates. And not only that, according to the content found as a required part of keeping up with their organization you had to film and archive yourself committing crimes. Which Patriot Front is known for the mass amounts of vandalism they do as activism. From spray paint to putting up stickers, even when you filmed yourselves committing the crimes, you didn’t have to be wearing a mask. Which many weren’t.

This led to many people from the America First right, criticizing them in their looks, organizational structure, safety, and optics. Viewing over footage of after recording a message video that kept going, a member is seen saying “Seig fucking Heil” followed by throwing up a roman.

Or that of having informational videos on how they do marches or shield formations, usually in poor or very weak form. One main reactor who watched the footage on his live show was Beardson Beardly. He went over their content and gave his 2 cents on them.

“Thomas Rousseau is not a leader!” Beardson stated, “If these people aren’t feds, they might as well be feds… Groups like this set White people back; they don’t push people forward.”

Along with more people like Nicholas J. Fuentes of the America First Foundation or Kai Shwemmer and Wurzleroot from Cozy.TV getting into discussing it as well. All culminating on a Politically Provoked panel, where Beardson, Kai, Wurzleroot, Miyo, and Nick faced off against Wignats such as Southern Dingo, Randbot, Handsome Truth, and Andkon’s Reich. A flashback to the old bloodsports era of the dissident right of the paleoconservatives trying to explain how to get movements to work to a stubborn larpy section of the White Identity movements in the West.

And once again rehashing the idea of optics, and how to truly push forward a movement, which Dingo and Fuentes went head to head on the issue.

Patriot Front themselves, even after the main criticism from people like Fuentes, Jaden, or Beardson, have not come out with a response. Nowhere to be found on their Gab or Telegram since the release of the Unicorn Riot article. They just continue to ignore the mass doxxings of their members by continuing to post about more of their vandalism or outdated banner droppings. Until then, it’d be best to be wary of such membership groups and who you give your information to unless you know it to be safe.


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Nick Fuentes and Jon Miller BANNED off Gettr (1/14/22)

By The Easton Broadcast

By The Easton Broadcast


As of late, the platform Gettr has banned two of the America First political commentators, Nicholas J. Fuentes the leader and host of America First, and Jon Miller, former host of The White House Brief from the Blaze.

What makes this more controversial than anything is that neither of them did anything wrong on the platforms themselves. And on top of that, the big issue is that Gettr claims to be a “free-speech” platform for the right-wing, and if banning those who disagree with it, isn’t that free speech. But it’d be better to know how it came to this.

Gettr is a platform founded by Jason Miller, a former Trump aide, for a cancel-free platform. But as of recently, it seems to be anything but that. What exposed that falsehood was how they responded when the Paleoconservative commentator, activist, and founder of the America First Foundation, Nicholas J. Fuentes was banned from Gettr. And what was Nick’s crime? They banned him for reasons off of the platform and for a dislike of his social conservatism and more Christian-focused values.

Which would upset the Gettr Executive Ebony Bowden, a Jewish woman who posted about “Love being Jewish and not GAF about Christmas”. Not only that but they banned the term of his supporters, Groypers, voicing their concern and backlash against his ban. The term “Why did you ban Nick Fuentes?” is banned as well. Now as a joke Fuentes did a live stream where he did joking speedruns of getting banned on the platform and advocated for his followers to voice their opinion on it as well along with their iconic trolling tactics.

But what came to a surprise to many was the next censoring of a real right-wing voice, the Black Paleoconservative Jon Miller. And the reason why was his use of the “n-word”. This is absurd because he is an obvious Black man, if anyone of Gettr’s Con Inc beliefs they would know if anyone was allowed to use it’d be Blacks. Jon Miller, unlike Fuentes, didn’t get a real chance to use his account.

` According to Jon’s telegram he posted, “LMAO I’ve just been suspended from Gettr. I didn’t even use it. Not even once. I had ZERO Gettrs. WHAT A JOKE.” He then repeatedly had articles from Leftwing news outlets justify his ban because, to quote the Daily Beast’s title, “MAGA App Gettr Sick of Their Racist Users, Bans Right-Wing Pundit Over N-word.”

Leaving out the fact that Jon Miller is Black, it was obvious another reason Gettr would do this is that Jon is a close friend of Nick Fuentes and even spoke at his nationalist conference AFPAC ll.

It should make people think if these people who are high up in conservatism care about speech. And more are starting to see this as we see what has happened to people like Rep. Gosar over a meme, the bannings of Fuentes, InfoWars, Miller, all the AF people, and now even the APU people getting banned from Twitter-like Vince Dao and John Doyle. And they do nothing over that, but that is changing due to more eyes being on it.

As recently Sen. Wendy Rodgers of Arizona and another friend of Fuentes are bringing it to the public light how much of an issue this is, and how the GOP and GOP figures who founded it are doing nothing about the legit issues. “What is the point of a free-speech alternative to Twitter… that doesn’t even honor free speech?” said Wendy.

We must call this to the attention of GOP voters more and more that we cannot support these old establishment figures because this is guaranteed proof that they do not legitimately care for the voices of dissenters against the American Globalist Empire.


GROSS: SPLC ATTACKS Michelle Malkin for speaking at American Renaissance (1/8/22)

By The Easton Broadcast

By The Easton Broadcast


Recently the writer, columnist, former Newsmax host, and ‘Mother’ of the Groyper movement has had a hit piece written on her from the left-wing “anti-hate group” the Southern Poverty Law Center.

For the main purpose of not only continuing support for the America First paleo-conservative Nicholas J. Fuentes but as well as attending and speaking at the anti-migration and pro-white group American Renaissance lead by Jared Taylor. Michelle, a Filipino Catholic, has spent most of her writing career talking about the dangers of migration to the working population of the US, its social cohesion, and its dangers to the people who founded the country if left unchecked. So with that, it’d make perfect sense that she’d speak with that of someone like Jared Taylor, a man whose work is that of race and social cohesion research and racial realism. But according to the SPLC, recognizing any of these facts is the pinnacle of white supremacy.

When looking into their articles you can see that what they bring up as a case against her is either completely out of her control or unrelated to her or something that can be taken easily out of context. Such as they bring up that people related to the Fascist group Patriot Front or street fighter club Rise Above Movement had some members seen at the conference. Which you have no way of controlling if you’re a speaker, such as if people like Antifa showed up to CPAC (which they do) are the GOP members suddenly anarchists?

No, it's ridiculous. The rest of the article swerves and turns like a drunk driver into completely unrelated topics while mainly focusing not on what Malkin herself was saying or others at that conference said, which if they did it was usually out of context or something pretty reasonable, but spending most of the time dwelling in the obvious word attacks such as Nazi, White Supremacist, Racist, Sexist, etc.

And all of this is not a surprise in any way, the SPLC left-wing bias has been obvious since its beginning. They focus on attacking people who try to fight back against what they support, such as the complete change of demographics within America from a majority Euro descendant country to a multicultural and multiracial hodgepodge of a nation. The SPLC even has a tracker of the White majority declining within the United States, and they see that as a good thing. To replace the people who built the country in the name of “justice and fighting White Supremacy”.

It explains the constant attacks of people who oppose it, even of the non-whites that oppose it because they want America to remain America. It is blatantly disgusting and we need to continually fight back against those who try to slander people who care about what the founding fathers cared about if we are going to save this country.

Original SPLC article:


By New Wave Politics

By New Wave Politics


Nick Fuentes will likely be holding an event in Phoenix, Arizona next month. This information has come from a Telegram announcement that was posted on both Fuentes' personal Telegram channel and the America First Updates Telegram channel. This was first announced on November 23rd and on the America First updates Telegram channel and was posted on Fuentes' Telegram a day later. The announcement also includes a link to a survey for fans asking fans if they will be in the Phoenix on December 18th, if they would be willing to participate, and it also asks for an email address for further contact.

There is yet to be any official confirmation that this event will take place, but it seems the AF team is taking several steps in preparation for this possible event. Being just a little less than three weeks away from the date this event would take place it's likely we'll get more information some time next week with the return of America First on Cozy TV as Fuentes has taken the past few days (including today) off. Fuentes has confirmed through Telegram that the show will return on Monday with superchats finally available again.


By New Wave Politics

By New Wave Politics


Yesterday, Nick Fuentes headed out for his trip to New York where he'll stay for a week, leading various events including an anti-COVID vaccination rally. Not much information has been officially confirmed other than the fact that a rally in the second week of November as well as other confrontational events will occur which Fuentes described on America First will include going into certain government buildings and public places to peacefully protest the vaccine mandate. Although the location of the rally has not been confirmed by Fuentes, it was leaked by Baked Alaska last month in a livestream that it will be in Staten Island, so we can assume it will be somewhere within Staten Island unless plans have changed since then.

Despite Fuentes already heading to New York and is expected to be arriving within the next 24 hours, America First will still continue throughout the week. Be on the lookout for more information on the show as we get closer to Monday, there should be more announcements coming and more confirmation on important details.

(Updated 8:07PM EST: Info Correction)

Sen. Ron Johnson concedes that Trump lost Wisconsin (9/6/21)

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By New Wave Politics (Archived from Real American Politics)


Senator Ron Johnson was caught on video conceding that Trump lost Wisconsin in an argument with Lauren Windsor. “The only reason Trump lost Wisconsin is that 51,000 Republican voters didn't vote for him.” says Johnson “There’s nothing obviously skewed about the results. There isn’t.” He says that because collectively the republicans got 1.661 million votes, 51,000 more votes than Trump, and that he simply wasn’t able to get enough republicans to vote for him. He argues, "Prior to this election, I was the number one vote-getter statewide with under 1.5 million votes. This election, Trump got 1.61 [million.] No Republican has ever cracked 1.5 million. Numerous Democrats have gone over 1.6 [million] and 1.5 [million.] Just the Republican state assembly candidate got 1.661 million votes. The eight congressional candidates also got 1.661 million. So we obviously counted enough Republican votes. The only reason Trump lost Wisconsin is that 51,000 Republican voters didn't vote for him. They voted for other Republican candidates."

This is a huge change from Sen. Johnson's previous stance on election fraud. Johnson had backed Trump before and pushed for an investigation into voter fraud in Wisconsin even after the recount. Now he’s yet another republican who joins the list of people who just weren’t tough enough to hold it down and cracked under the left’s pressure on the issue of voter fraud.

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